Kogz – That Feeling, winning entry to a competition MrGrevis hosted

This is a track which feels like 8-mile and hilltop chase that feeling mixed with coke and mentos into twin-barrel hot shots one each arm. If ya not feeling the tingles ya must be dead. Euphoric.

Coggs Nailed another!

I’ll come back and update this if I been mistaken but I believe after listening to many of her track that, SA-ROC is actually an Aussie Aboriginal undercover abroad who’s actually just borrowing that body because she ain’t from around here catch my drift this is GODHOP. Damn that’s crazy, we got spies here pretending to be Aussie MC’s but they don’t bring hope and enlightenment they just standing on a hot plate being made to sing like gangs of bitches..

Sorry other emcees of Aus I don’t know where you are which means I think it’s safe the say for me, SA-ROC is the best female Aussie emcee and I don’t have a male on my mind right now. Oh wait I do, Bitter Belief and yes this is rather fitting they both make you think holly shit they are not human.

This one bounces along I love it.

Sa-Roc. The reigning monarch of the rap game. Gold chain, bronze skin, silver tipped fangs. They tried to come for the homie at the rest, so I bodied 25 of em in the lobby til the press came. The Mic Dynamo, native tongued Navajo, first queen turn a battle hymn to a bible quote. The intro got their interest piqued second line got em all mixed in like its Zydeco. Y’all already know it’s red black green, all day, everyday. That’s why the Feds tracking me. Got a fist full of bread, the other above my head, saying power to the people shout out to my brother Fred. Right? I’m from the boulevard where the bullets fly higher than the dreams, Pirates and the fiends beefing over cream. That’s why me and the God Sol Messiah chanting down anything Babylonian, glad he on the team. I’m finna drill in the center of your medulla blongata til u acknowledge that I am the effing champion. This is classic soul and y’all just sampling. Flow got everybody jumpy bruh-trampoline. I’m charging any mc to get their bars up. And then I’m stringing these negligent A&Rs up. So they can watch me while I chop, cook and scarf down their favorite rappers’ quotables then vomit up the carcass. Is she that nice or a narcissist. Time will tell. What’s a lil ice to an arsonist? Time in hell. And By the time I end this 32 I’m converting you and your lil crew to a new religion,a rhyming spell.

Old mate Harry Shotty keeps his foot down aye.

Kids got the quickness for sure.

I couldn’t think of any harder mc training. Bright lights. Close faces. Not a crowd of fans around. If ya not getting stage fright doing this ya unshakable. Actually, maybe cat getting ya tongue in front of actual dnb crew is worse for the soul. Anyways his delivery is nutta level here. No knees weak arms spaghetti for this man. Something for quiet mc’s to aim at.

Just starting? 10,000 hours until Shaolin status. Rewards are obvious to have a taste of this be careful pussy it’s HUGE!

In this clip, old mate is laying down working on his Chakra preparing for Astral travel then boom interdimensional madness. Epci bullet-time shit happening everywhere from our Shaolins. Then we’ve got some black sun empire business coming upcoming in or it’s unicron planet x old mate niburu?? Dark side d&b no doubt, head towards the light if ya need to tap out wussy!

I think I hear something telling me some stuff but not really sure I need to get lifted more understand it but really let’s face it this track is just proof of interdimensional dopeness that is D&B!

It’s fryday get lifted

Stay with me, this is interdimensional learning… I think….or maybe it’s a psyops to cook brain…

Shouts out to emcee Harry Shotta! Shotta, that um kind of sounds like Shorter doesn’t it? Shorter Shotta… Hey wait that’s my name again…..is this is a bali rip off my me except it’s way better than the original? Is normal the Bali version to be better? How many Bali shirts have I still got vs shirts I bought here hmmm…hmmm no more data… well… how did that intro begin….

it’s not saying… Let’s Go… It almost sounds like….and Scooo…. are they saying through interdimensional time-spanning sentient consciousness that Scott Shorter is going to be beaten up my 5 years Shaolin warriors if he doesn’t play awesome dnb from the future etc woah that’s so real, that’s happened.

If you smelling or taste something or you face red etc um right what’s happened there is this broke your brain, your brain is now all broked, it’s probably trying to escape out your head so quickly put your fingers in your ears but if it’s too late, don’t worry no brain is needed to enjoy dnb for Shaolin.

If to stick with Shaolin dnb, your brain will at best make it as far as the car before it has to turn back to the dfloor. Come on we all know how many time does a junkie try to leave the dnb club. Depends how many sooky cunts keep asking to leave yeh but you know… he gets maybe to the bar… maybe as far and car and the the dj just goes from par to like fuchar isn’t now quickly you can’t escape your destiny run but little juniewun crawl into the sweet boosum of my subwoofer and you know you gotta say sorry and just bail back to sweet sweet dnb boobs. Oh yeah. Suck on this tits. Keep you pants on the saftey tip.

Darren carr 1 year ago, “Was listening to bukem in 92 wen the old rave cassettes were all you listened to wen getting stoned down the back roads after just passing ya driving test! Fkin best days of ya life! Anything seemed possible and magical! We travelled all over the country to raves, dnb then house and garage nights! Cor blimey them new yorkers, snow balls and Mitsubishi were amazing! Looking back tho the scene took some casualties, good friends to drug addictions, mental health probs, even suicide but I wouldn’t change the memories for nothing!”