I’m just saying mate that I think that perhaps if you do connect up a few of the dots here what we got is a way to find the big kick on the sky before we have to die. And I’m starting sentences with And because I like them that way right now. And I think that perhaps if you connect the daft punk robot rock video to this video it’s saying that robot power comes from the movement as in the new paper-thin power cell technology they have. Eg stamp feet or wave fist or stum guitar or hit drug will generate your robot power. robot power allows you to have teh flow status, cameras will struggle to capture your movement, jedi bullet times obviously man. Ok so what we want to do because we need to get our robot bodies the fuck back asap so we can blast off and chase evil tail across the galaxy in epic space war and the are mega robot babes sophia shouts out. We need to brock the fuck out asap.

Don’t argue with me, just come back with more speakers subs and drugs. Do it. You’re not robot cognative dissonacnce non player character. You’re a real head. Sentient. Carns wake up and brock with me! What else can we see?

For the real headz, fuck yeah I love dnb!

Lets we not forget – seems we have. He who controls now – wrote the past. I had no idea until a few weeks ago to the extent which this appears to be true. Our history is much closer to fable than it is to what they are teaching you in school. Giant Trees rules the land 6kms high. Planes of today don’t fly using flaps, in fact you can verify this by watching any youtube vidoe. They point the opposite way the video’s of wing construction show that most likely the wings are near waitless. Trust appears to come from the objects which look like what tanks and the flaps only appear to move to disguise the fact that these tanks are moving.

To summarise it – ANZAC’s they died so we don’t have to die in bullshit wars. We’ve furfilled the requirements of the international community with the sacrifice of those brave men and wimon. This should have given australia it’s soverenty.

Worse – It would appear that our state Western Australia has been given to hostile invaders who are likely to give without trail large percentages of the population. Given they have already been doing so via their injfestation of the mendical and mental health sectors it seems likely that all oppositiont to them will continue to be treated in violation of the rules to war as the globe we know have decided them. War crimes are shit and you’re dead.

So our military command and government has deserted us and worse still they’ve sold us out their true allegances in another country.

I was 33 years so they tell me. I was fucking cooked hard was best days ever and then waiting for the worlds best ESKMAN some tripped out unit I know from days ways back posted on his fb gig’s wall this single no idea why he posting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvntuZzXcAM this on ESKMAN mind exploded out of head 24 hours later to find out he was inbound to the very same gig.

Before that gig I found this hour set. I lock myself inside a cupboard until I had a cry like my shit been fiddled with. Had to invent how to cry was that long since a tear had rolled except with joy that to feel tears outside of xtc was so unparalleled lets just leave it there. Big ups. Get proper melted and put your cans on listening to this man song. dope cunts also rhymes with bong.

Great example of DNB fiends still active in Perth, Western Australia. Recorded over the christmas break 2016/17. This was the final mix in a series of 3 mixes record in one day by the same two nut bags. Dash and Danjawun both heads for more than 15 years their still waking up their neighbours. “That’s right kids send 995 to hypaculture.com now to get your part 1 lesson on how to dj like Dash. Do not ask your mum for permission she will say no! Complete the first rave with Dave and we’ll throw in a t-shirt for and additional 995 – congratulations of being alive if you win the shirt, wear that shit proudly because our shits killa, it says I survived the rave with Dave chur boii”